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UWidget > UVisual > UObject

The progress bar widget is a simple bar that fills up that can be restyled to fit any number of uses. No Children

Member Type Offset Share

The progress bar style

FProgressBarStyle 0x108
Style USlateWidgetStyleAsset* 0x2a8
BackgroundImage USlateBrushAsset* 0x2b0
FillImage USlateBrushAsset* 0x2b8
MarqueeImage USlateBrushAsset* 0x2c0
percent float 0x2c8

Defines if this progress bar fills Left to right or right to left

EProgressBarFillType 0x2cc
bIsMarquee bool 0x2cd
BorderPadding FVector2D 0x2d0

A bindable delegate to allow logic to drive the text of the widget

FDelegate 0x2d8

Fill Color and Opacity

FLinearColor 0x2e8
FillColorAndOpacityDelegate FDelegate 0x2f8