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UWidget > UVisual > UObject

Base for widgets that support a dynamic number of auto-generated entries at both design- and run-time. Contains all functionality needed to create, construct, and cache an arbitrary number of entry widgets, but exposes no means of entry creation or removal It's up to child classes to decide how they want to perform the population (some may do so entirely on their own without exposing a thing)

Member Type Offset Share

The type of box panel into which created entries are added.

EDynamicBoxType 0x108

The padding to apply between entries in the box.

FVector2D 0x10c

The looping sequence of entry paddings to apply as entries are created.

TArray<FVector2D> 0x118

Sizing rule to apply to generated entries. Horizontal/Vertical boxes only.

FSlateChildSize 0x128

Horizontal alignment of generated entries. Horizontal/Vertical/Wrap boxes only.

EHorizontalAlignment 0x130

Vertical alignment of generated entries. Horizontal/Vertical/Wrap boxes only.

EVerticalAlignment 0x131

The maximum size of each entry in the dominant axis of the box. Vertical/Horizontal boxes only.

int32_t 0x134

Settings only relevant to RadialBox

FRadialBoxSettings 0x138
EntryWidgetPool FUserWidgetPool 0x158