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AActor > UObject

Member Type Offset Share
Step4 UArrowComponent* 0x220
Step8 UArrowComponent* 0x228
Step7 UArrowComponent* 0x230
Step6 UArrowComponent* 0x238
Step5 UArrowComponent* 0x240
TopPoint UArrowComponent* 0x248
BottomPoint UArrowComponent* 0x250
Mesh UStaticMeshComponent* 0x258
Step3 UArrowComponent* 0x260
Step2 UArrowComponent* 0x268
Step1 UArrowComponent* 0x270
Step0 UArrowComponent* 0x278
SFPSACStair USFPSACStair* 0x280
Overlap UBoxComponent* 0x288