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AInfo > AActor > UObject

A PlayerState is created for every player on a server (or in a standalone game). PlayerStates are replicated to all clients, and contain network game relevant information about the player, such as playername, score, etc.

Member Type Offset Share
Score float 0x220
PlayerId int32_t 0x224
Ping char 0x228
bShouldUpdateReplicatedPing : 1 char 0x22a
bIsSpectator : 1 char 0x22a
bOnlySpectator : 1 char 0x22a
bIsABot : 1 char 0x22a
bIsInactive : 1 char 0x22a
bFromPreviousLevel : 1 char 0x22a
StartTime int32_t 0x22c

This is used for sending game agnostic messages that can be localized

ULocalMessage* 0x230

Used to match up InactivePlayerState with rejoining playercontroller.

FString 0x240
UniqueId FUniqueNetIdRepl 0x250
PawnPrivate APawn* 0x280
PlayerNamePrivate FString 0x300