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ASFPSCharacter > ASFPSBaseCharacter > ACharacter > APawn > AActor > UObject

Member Type Offset Share
UberGraphFrame FPointerToUberGraphFrame 0x10c0
frmPVE UWidgetComponent* 0x10c8
weapon_barrier_sg1 USceneComponent* 0x10d0
weapon_barrier_gun0 USceneComponent* 0x10d8
weapon_barrier_sg0 USceneComponent* 0x10e0
weapon_barrier_ar0 USceneComponent* 0x10e8
MovableVehicles TArray<ABoat_C*> 0x10f0
SpawnWidget UUI_VehicleSpawner_C* 0x1100
CirclingVehiclesSpawnPoints TArray<FVector> 0x1108
TeleportRandomPoints TArray<FVector> 0x1118
CachedMesh UStaticMeshComponent* 0x1128
Cheats UUI_VehicleCheats_C* 0x1130